Taggie Blankets

  • IMG_7009Babies LOVE the comfort and textures of taggie blankets.  The different material and ribbon types, the bright colors, and easy to grasp and handle size encourage age-appropriate development.  Much easier to throw a taggie blanket in the car seat for baby to cuddle with, and less material to drag around on the ground for your toddler.  :-)
  • Taggie Blankets measure between 8 and 12 inches square.
  • They can be ordered individually, or as a set (which is great for while one is being washed, or to leave one in the crib and throw one in the diaper bag, or in case tragedy strikes and one goes missing!)
  • Ribbons are triple stitched for security.
  • All items are hand-sewn with care but because of this, though very similar, all items may not be exactly identical.  :-)
  • Coordinating Paci-Finder can be ordered to go along with your taggie blanket for $5.00.

My current Taggie Blankets can also be seen here on facebook.


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